As partners in the international wind power industry, each of the companies of the Quantec Group operate autonomously and independently in their markets.

Quantec Networks GmbH, the »nucleus« of all Quantec companies, is now focusing on developing and producing intelligent LED obstacle lighting systems at the Goslar site

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As a system integrator Quantec Sensors GmbH offers a full service in “demand-driven night identification”. The portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum for implementing demand-driven night identification – from project planning to preparing, installing and commissioning the system, and through to comprehensive system support.

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The portfolio of Quantec Signals GmbH, which is predominantly sales- and service-oriented, primarily integrates the full range of services related to delivering, installing and operating LED lighting systems.

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The core competences of Quantec Systems GmbH are, among other things, represented by remote monitoring and measurement data preparation for wind farm management (e.g. via ClaVis) as well as IT-based control and regulation systems – each linked to a full service.

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